As NYC continues to grow, demands for energy, water and space put a continual strain on the existing infrastructure and an aging grid. City, state and federal policies set a multitude of sustainability goals that require the adoption of renewable energy, energy efficiency practices, innovations in clean technology and behavioral changes. Economic development opportunities and a vibrant job market for graduates in related fields are dependent on mainstream acceptance of these changes and a seamless transition from existing infrastructures to the new. CUNY has emerged as a trusted public university that can bridge administrative changeover to implement both short term and long range sustainability policies and initiatives.

Sustainable CUNY developed a ‘Project-Based Change Management’ platform to enable participants in any given project or initiative to take ownership of the outcomes by establishing for themselves the processes and the changes needed. In this manner, stakeholders across campuses, departments, agencies, utilities or industry can find common ground, agree on implementation plans, and become agents of change themselves.

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