In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it was determined that while the solar arrays on NYC rooftops at that time sustained little or no damage during the storm, they were unable to supply critically needed power during the subsequent outage. For safety reasons, solar installations without battery backup are wired to automatically shut down during grid outages. Virtually none of NYC’s systems had battery backup power. The City University of New York formed the Smart Distributed Generation Hub (Smart DG Hub) to develop a strategic pathway to a more resilient distributed energy system, and won Federal and State support for the Smart DG Hub-Resilient Solar Project in 2014. For details on the project and the available resources visit Solar+Storage on the NY Solar Map and Portal.

Mapping Resilient Storage Systems

The “NYC Installed Energy Storage Systems” layer on the NY Solar Map offers insight into the energy storage systems currently installed in NYC. Information on the battery chemistry type, the system size, the location, whether the system is paired with solar, the date installed, and the project developer is available. The systems included are those that have been permitted and verified by NYC agencies and the developers responsible for the systems. There may be other energy storage projects in the pipeline or have not yet been verified. In light of NYC’s recent announcement to deploy 100 megawatt-hours of energy storage in NYC by 2030, mapping these systems and their key characteristics will support market growth and play a role in strengthening NYC’s resilience.