CUNY Title IX Coordinator

CUNY is committed to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence throughout the CUNY community. People at every level of CUNY and at every CUNY campus are working together to find effective ways to help students who have experienced sexual harassment, including sexual violence, and to foster a culture that does not tolerate unwelcome sexual behavior.

On each CUNY campus there is a person, known as the Title IX Coordinator, who has special training in helping students who are facing issues related to sexual harassment and assault. Each campus also has a webpage (links to these are in the column to the left) providing contact information for the Title IX Coordinator as well as for other persons on campus who can help. In addition, these pages contain information on topics such as reporting an incident, confidentiality, getting medical care and emotional support, and ways to support someone who has experienced sexual harassment. These pages also contain links to CUNY policies.

If you have suggestions on ways for CUNY to address sexual harassment and sexual violence, please contact Ms. Rodney Pepe-Souvenir, University Title IX Director (

For a complete and detailed overview of the ways members of the University community can combat sexual assault and other unwelcome sexual behavior please refer to the Title IX Training Curriculum for Students*.

*This curriculum includes videos that may only be viewed in slideshow mode.

Special thanks to Brown University for allowing CUNY to use some of their materials.