CUNY Value

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students choose The City University of New York for the powerful combination of stellar academics, remarkable affordability, and the prestigious array of 24 modern campuses in the most exciting city in the world. That’s the CUNY Value.


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Carla Spensieri - Smart Choice

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students choose The City University of New York for a multitude of reasons that can be summed up as one: opportunity. Providing a quality, accessible education, regardless of background or means has been CUNY’s mission since 1847. The University’s unwavering commitment…

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Kevin Hill - Value

CUNY’s exceptional affordability is an incomparable value in today’s higher education marketplace, where yearly college bills can easily outpace family wages, and student-loan debt – exceeding $1.2 trillion nationwide – impedes graduates’ financial freedom, including the ability to purchase a home…

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Sean Thatcher, Ilana Gelb - Winners

CUNY colleges offer a wealth of rigorous, innovative and life-changing academic opportunities, sparking an enrollment surge to 274,000 in 2014-15 and attracting so many motivated, high-achieving students that every year they garner not just a few but a raft of top national honors. For 2015, CUNY boasts 17 Fulbright…

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Timothy Ellmore, Ava Chin - Mentors

CUNY’s outstanding faculty inspire, challenge and mentor students in the full spectrum of academic fields from the sciences to the humanities to fine arts. Pursuing scholarship in the nation’s intellectual capital, our faculty bring high credentials and achievement, real-world perspectives and hundreds of millions…

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New York city skyline - Campus

With 24 colleges and graduate schools anchoring neighborhoods across the City of New York, CUNY offers an opportunity-rich mega-campus like no other public urban university’s, providing quality academic programs to more than 270,000 degree-seeking students in facilities that include iconic landmarks and new…

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Carlsky Belizaire - Public Service

Fulfilling a long-standing University mission, students embrace a multitude of public service opportunities. In fact, service has been embedded in CUNY’s DNA since its founding in 1847, and a commitment to giving back to the city in return for a high-quality, affordable college education is part of CUNY Value today…

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Kirssy Martinez - Support

n the 21st century, CUNY’s historic mission to educate the “whole people”
includes helping our most vulnerable students when hardship strikes. Many
CUNY students are low-income, single parents, recent immigrants, first in their families to attend college. Among society’s most at-risk…

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Stephanie Ho - Teamwork

If these college activities conjure images of ivy-covered, out-of-town campuses far from the A, the E, the 2 and the 3, think again. CUNY campuses are vibrant communities – rich with opportunities for academic engagement, public service, culture, personal growth and just plain fun. Consider deejaying at the campus radio station…

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Jake Levin - New York City

The New York City experience is part of the CUNY Value. No university is as deeply woven into its city’s fabric as CUNY is with New York, the country’s intellectual, financial and creative center. Opportunities for students and graduates are, like the city itself, challenging, exciting, seemingly infinite. From off-Broadway to the Federal Reserve…

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