The New York City experience is part of the CUNY Value. No university is as deeply woven into its city’s fabric as CUNY is with New York, the country’s intellectual, financial and creative center. Opportunities for students and graduates are, like the city itself, challenging, exciting, seemingly infinite. From off-Broadway to the Federal Reserve, to national nonprofits and Wall Street, year-round choices abound to intern, volunteer, serve and work, creating lifelong professional relationships – an edge in a city that never sleeps. CUNY’s enduring mission, dating to 1847, is to educate for a better city and state. Our updated college campuses, mixing the historic and the modern in diverse neighborhoods across the city, are uniquely prepared to educate for the 21st century. As one of New York’s longest-running economic engines, CUNY turns out job-ready graduates who over-whelmingly choose to stay in the state to work, pay taxes and raise families. Why not? It’s New York.

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Influenced by jazz and the black experience yet citing Shakespeare, Chaucer and the Romantic poets as favorites, Sean DesVignes (Brooklyn College ’16) started writing poetry at 13. Now a nationally honored published poet and spoken-word performer, DesVignes coached Brooklyn College’s team to national prominence at the 2013 and 2014 College Union’s Poetry Slam Invitational, winning best new poet in the 2013 competition, and is currently working on a manuscript chronicling the free jazz and calypso movements of the 1960s.


2015 Beinecke Scholarship for graduate study, recognizing “exceptional promise.”.


Likely to attend graduate school after earning his B.A. in creative writing.