How to Apply

The SIROCS Winter-Spring 2014-15 round is now open!
Deadline October 18, 2014

Before you apply:

To start your application:

  • Visit the SIROCS Brochure, and click “Apply Now”.
  • Choose “I do not have login credentials to this site.”
  • Fill in the New User Form, then follow the instructions in the email the system sends you.
  • Choose “I have login credentials to this site that I received by email.”
  • Answer the security questions and reset your password as instructed by the next screens.
  • Choose the Winter-Spring 2014-15 Term.
  • Complete all required questionnaires and signature documents, and make sure that your designated recommender submits a recommendation on your behalf by the deadline.  Make sure you have submitted (and not just saved) each application component (verify the checkboxes for each component).  Once all checkboxes are complete, this part of the application is finished; there is no final submission step.  Your application will then be reviewed if your recommendation has been received and we can verify your participation in the program or experience you are requesting SIROCS funding to support.

The application deadline is October 18th, and a CUNY faculty member must submit your letter of recommendation no later than October 24th.  You must also have a complete submission to your proposed international program/experience by October 18th.

Please note that the SIROCS awards program is competitive and that in most application cycles, not all qualified applicants can be funded.  If your application is successful, award disbursement can take over a month, so you should plan to meet program payment deadlines and other financial obligations associated with your plans abroad independently of an award.

SIROCS is the successor program to STOCS; current eligibility rules and application procedures apply.

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