April 17, 2018 | Student Affairs

By Hugo Fernandez and Emily TaiStudent Activity Fees Comment screen capture

The Office of Interim Vice-Chancellor Student Affairs Christopher Rosa has established an information and Commentary site for the proposed revisions on Student Activity Fees.

The website features a wide range of relevant documents, including the legal background for viewpoint neutrality, from the 2000 Supreme Court decision Wisconsin vs. Southworth to the most recent case involving Queens College, as well as the charge regarding Student Activities fees, from the Board of Trusteesthe proposed revisions, and current student opinions.

Most important, however, the Office of Student Affairs has asked for comments—from students, faculty, and other members of the CUNY Community.

Please consider sharing your views regarding this important process.

Hugo Fernandez is an associate professor of Art and Photography at LaGuardia Community College and the UFS Representative to the CUNY Board of Trustees Committee on Student Affairs; Emily S. Tai is an associate professor of History at Queensborough Community College, and the UFS Alternate to the CUNY Board of Trustees Committee on Student Affairs.  Both serve on the UFS Executive Committee and represent the UFS at University Student Senate Plenaries.  Both of them would like to thank Vice-Chancellor Christopher Rosa and his associates for sharing this important website.

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