September 21, 2018 | Academic Affairs

By Derek StadlerDr. Karrin Wilks, BMCC CUNYDr. Timothy Lynch, QCC, CUNY Dr. Claudia Schrader, President KCC, CUNY

In a letter to the CUNY community, Chancellor Rabinowitz announced the appointment of Dr. Claudia Schrader as President of Kingsborough Community College.  Born and raised in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dr. Schrader went to Rutgers University, earning a Doctor of Education degree in International and Transcultural Studies from Columbia University.[1]  The Chancellor cited that Dr. Schrader was an inspirational leader with a proven record as an innovator in advancing student success at community colleges.  Indeed, as Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost at Bronx Community College, Dr. Schrader “established a new communications system for professional and faculty advisors and student services personnel” and “conceptualized and implemented new academic advisement model that has resulted in increased student satisfaction.”[2]  One can’t help but wonder how faculty were engaged to create these initiatives and how they can serve as a benchmark for advisement at other community colleges.

Chancellor Rabinowitz also appointed two interim presidents: Dr. Timothy Lynch at Queensborough Community College and Dr. Karrin Wilks at Borough of Manhattan Community College.  Prior to appointment, Dr. Lynch served as Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.  An acknowledged expert on American maritime history, Dr. Lynch holds degrees from Brooklyn College (BA) and the CUNY Graduate School and University Center (PhD).[3]  Dr. Wilks also served as Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Borough of Manhattan prior to appointment as Interim President.  Dr. Wilks recently co-authored the article “Not Dean School: Leadership Development for Faculty Where They Are” which outlines the Faculty Leadership Fellows Program implemented at the College in 2016-2017.  The Program aims to strengthen faculty leadership from multi-perspectives not just within a department but also in the classroom.[4]

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Derek Stadler is an assistant Professor and Librarian at LaGuardia Community College and a Senator who participates in the Community College Caucus.

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