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By Jason Youngfacade of the CUNY Welcome Center, 2017

Last week part 1 gave an overview of the CUNY Enrollment Management Council that meets monthly. Part 2 continues presenting the recent issues and initiatives being addressed at the EMC. I attend as the UFS representative, with the charge to provide input on faculty concerns that are critical on just about every issue the EMC discusses — matters that intersect with both Big Picture aims and daily pragmatic issues that we are wise to share with this committee.

Senators and faculty interested in serving on the UFS Enrollment Management Committee, which will both review EMC topics and pro-actively identify issues to be brought to the attention of the Enrollment office at CUNY Central, please contact me, Below are more of the issues discussed at recent CUNY-wide Enrollment Management Council meetings – part 1 covered the fall 2018 enrollment snapshot and trends.

  • Fostering racial diversity and inclusion
    • Following announcements that the US Dept of Education will be rolling back affirmative action guidelines issued by the Obama administration, Gov. Cuomo asked CUNY and SUNY to continue to foster diversity and has asked for updates of specific activity addressing this issue. The EMC discussed various strategies in use at different colleges to foster greater inclusion but noted that some colleges continue to struggle to attain greater diversity. There will be an on-going discussion to identify best practices to facilitate improved diversity in CUNY enrollment. In some ways, the challenges are daunting because NYC has numerous higher educational institutions all seeking to improve diversity in enrollment. More discussion here is needed to recognize and facilitate ways that faculty can play a role in recruitment and retention of students.
  • Holding on-campus open house events
    • Related to the diversity in enrollment issue, the EMC has discussed the extent to which campuses hold open houses as a way to attract both potential students and general support from the local community. The extent to which these are held varies tremendously across colleges—some hold them regularly, and others instead rely on other types of information sessions. There may be additional ways that faculty can play a role in open houses, particularly by developing events that target potential diverse and non-traditional students. A summary of college open houses reported at the July EMC meeting is below.

Enrollment Strategy and Management Meeting of July 10, 2018, Executive Summary

Open House Summary


Open House



Hunter No Different types of information sessions
BMCC Yes March, June & October
Hostos No Small information sessions specific to transfer and freshmen
Brooklyn Yes October 21
Lehman No Information sessions, and graduate virtual open house
Macaulay Honors Yes October 14 Monthly information sessions
CUNY School of Medicine Yes November 16 Several information sessions
Queens Yes No date given Campus tours and information sessions
CSI Yes Spring & Fall
John Jay Yes November 18 Monthly Saturday Information sessions
Baruch Yes October 13
NYCCT Yes October 28
Kingsborough No Small information sessions
Queensborough Yes October 27 New student engagement throughout the week
York Yes November 11 Spring acceptance student sessions
CCNY Yes October 27 Information Sessions and tours throughout year


  • Encouraging adult learners to re-enroll
    • To encourage individuals who have been out of college for several years to re-enroll and work toward graduation, CUNY is participating in the Adult Learner Project. In collaboration with the Institute for Higher Learning, CUNY is organizing the first cohort of a program called Degrees When Due, which involves an adult learner re-engagement project that is examining remedial professional development. At the July 2018 EMC meeting, a call was put out for a sample of colleges willing to participate in this first cohort to test out the logistics and effectiveness of the program. Volunteer campuses were to have notified Laura Bruno’s office by August and a new website will be developed targeting adult learners who have stopped out.
  • New enrollment data dashboard in development
    • Finally, for those staff and faculty who assist with deeper dives into campus data, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is developing a more robust, comprehensive user-friendly database that will allow development of data breakdowns according to categories of greatest relevance on each campus. CUNY OIRA solicited from EMC members specific recommendations for relevant variables used for planning and assessment. There is still work needed to improve reliability of the databases, especially in the case of long-term databases that may no longer match currently-used categories. EMC requested a small working group from among EMC members to first-hand assess the comprehensiveness and integrity of the data available.

For questions and concerns about enrollment, please email

Jason Young is a Professor of Psychology at Hunter College, a member of the UFS Executive Committee, and represents the UFS on the CUNY Enrollment Management Council.

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