1. The University Faculty Senate shall be concerned with policies, operations, problems and issues which have University wide import. The powers and responsibilities of the Senate shall not normally extend to areas or interests which fall exclusively within the domain of the autonomous constituent units of the University.
  2. The University Faculty Senate shall have primary responsibility, under the Board of Trustees, for determining University-wide policies and procedures concerning
    1. the academic status, role, rights, responsibilities, and freedoms of the faculties;
    2. University-level educational and instructional matters, and research and scholarly activities of University-wide import.
  3. The Senate shall be fully advised on all matters germane to the programs and operations of the University and shall be routinely consulted on all proposals before the Council of Presidents, the Board of Trustees and other University-wide bodies. All information and materials pertinent to the deliberations of those bodies shall be routinely received by the Senate.
    The Senate shall initiate policy recommendations, shall review  and comment  upon changes in policy initiated by the University’s administration, and shall routinely present faculty views to the Council of Presidents and the Board of Trustees before, as, and after matters of policy are considered and decided.
  4. Through formal procedures, and consonant with the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, the Senate or its representatives shall in addition participate fully, directly, and at all stages in the making of decisions relevant to:
    1. the allocation of monies and other resources for educational objectives, for research and scholarly activities, for the development and maintenance of the physical plant of the University, and for other purposes involved in the operation of the University;
    2. the establishment and location of new units of the University and the appointment of principal administrative officers thereof;
    3. the appointment of the principal administrative officer at existing units of the University;
    4. the appointment and retention of the principal administrative officers at the University level;
    5. the establishment of University-wide academic programs, initiatives and priorities;
    6. the revisions of existing University-wide academic programs;
    7. relations between the University and the local community or between the University and governmental units or agencies;
    8. the general public relations of the University.
  5. In the event of disagreement between the University Faculty Senate and the University administration or the Board of Trustees, the Senate shall determine what further steps it deems necessary or desirable to protect the interests of the faculty and the University.