1. The Senate shall convene in May to organize itself for the following academic year.
  2. The Senate shall hold regular meetings at least twice in the all and twice in the Spring of each academic year, the first Fall meeting to be held no later than October 15. The notice of each meeting shall include the agenda, together with a written statement regarding any policy matter to be presented at the meeting, and shall be distributed at least seven days before the meeting.
  3. Special meetings shall be held on the call of the Chair of the Senate or on written request of fifteen percent or more of the membership of the Senate. The purpose of such meetings shall be explicitly stated in the notice of the meeting, and the meetings shall be limited to the stated purpose.
  4. The order of business at all meetings shall conform to a standard edition of Rules of Order to be determined by the Senate. The Chair shall decide all questions of parliamentary procedure according to that standard edition of Rules of Order.
  5. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the elected membership.
  6. The right to vote at meetings of the Senate and the right to hold office shall be limited to all duly elected Senators and Alternates (See Article II, Section 5) whose terms of office have not expired except in those cases where a college or constituent unit of the University has failed to re-elect or replace a Senator whose term of office has expired, in which case the Senator shall  continue to serve  with  the right  to vote  and hold office until duly re-elected or replaced, but such service shall not continue beyond the point at which the incumbent  has been replaced but not later than the following June 1st.
  7. A copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Senate shall be distributed to each of the members of the Senate, to the members of the Council of Presidents and other chief administrative officers of the University and its constituent units, to the central library of each of the constituent units of the University, and to the departments of each of the colleges and schools of the University, where it shall be available for inspection.