1. Proposal. Amendments to the Charter may be proposed by
    1. majority vote of the Senate;
    2. majority vote of the Executive Committee;
    3. application by one-fifth of the faculty councils (including alternative forms of faculty council as defined in Article VIII, §5) of the constituent units;
    4. petition of two percent of those persons referred to in Article II, §1.a. of this Charter, provided the petitioners are drawn from at least three of the constituent units. The Executive Committee may require that the petitioners’ submissions be in verifiable electronic form, for example from the campus e-mail addresses of the petitioners.
      Any such proposal must include the text of the proposed amendment.
  2. Notice. After an amendment has been proposed in accordance with Article VIII, §1, the proposed amendment shall be posted on the UFS website or other then-equivalent electronic platform, with notice pursuant to Charter Article III. In addition, by the dates specified for notice to Senators and Alternates in Charter Article III, the proposed amendment will be disseminated electronically to all faculty governance leaders.
  3. Meetings. The proposed amendment will be placed on the agenda of two regularly scheduled plenaries for discussion only and will be voted on at the next regularly scheduled plenary.
  4. Vote. An amendment is enacted when it is approved by an affirmative vote of 60% of the whole number of the Senate.
  5. Alternative forms of faculty council. In the absence of a faculty council, an alternative representative faculty body designated under the governance plan of the unit shall be deemed to be equivalent to a faculty council for the purposes of this Article. In the absence of both a faculty council and an alternative representative faculty body, the functions of the faculty council described in this Article shall be carried out either by the entire faculty acting as a collective body or by means of a mechanism designated by the faculty of the constituent unit in consultation with the Executive Committee of the University Faculty Senate.